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Imatge Núria Ramos
MEETING SHEILA, the English grandmother of a student of us!
per Núria Ramos - Friday, 17 May 2013, 10:18
Last Tuesday we were so privileged to be visited by the English grandmother of one of our 1st ESO pupils, Sheila Hooworth-Smith.


She kindly went to a number of lessons to answer pupils' questions about herself and her life.There were really interesting questions about World War II and the impact of the economic crisis in England.

Students had been working on a writing about their grannies so Sheila's visit came just in time! Some students, Camèlia and Arnau from Ulisses beautifully read their grandmas' accounts to Sheila. It was really warm and moving.

Martí from Ulisses said that "Sheila's visit helped me to know more insight things about England."

Júlia from Ulisses and Luciano from Penèlope both commented:" We liked the visit because we learned a lot about pronunciation"

And Ferran and Dani from Telèmac were happy to see Sheila again as they had met her before.

Thank you Sheila for your time and enthusiasm about life!
Students are asking when are you back!