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Imatge Núria Ramos
per Núria Ramos - Tuesday, 23 October 2012, 14:55

A refined group of students from SES SILS has started a service work (grup de servei, GdS), at ESCOLA ELS ESTANYS. After telling and interpreting, with great passion, the classic children story "A very hungry caterpillar"by Eric Carle, SES SILS students and ESCOLA ELS ESTANYS pupils paired up to read together. The benefits of this exchange are unmentionable, from improving each other reading and comprehension skills to creating strong community links.

Here you have a beautiful selection of the highlights of the session.
Special thanks to the ESCOLA ELS ESTANYS teacher Sònia and to our 4th ESO student Rut Figueras for sending us this spectacular pictures.