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Imatge Núria Ramos
About the importance of knowing English
per Núria Ramos - Sunday, 20 May 2012, 13:50
Pol Bordàs, a university student of journalism talks to our 4th ESO students about the importance of knowing English nowadays.


In this image,Pol answering the questions of our students.
Thanks to Helena Garcia from Tereshkova for taking this picture.

In his own words: "at present, knowing English is necessary. It's important to be opened to the world."

Pol also said that the English language has given him numerous opportunities in his life in terms of studying,working and travelling. As a journalist, being able to understand the world outside and the impact of this to his own reality; reading foreign newspapers, being able to communicate with people from all over the world...
As an example, he has recently been to Australia studying but also working because he knew English well. He has gained a lot out of it: a better pronunciation, experience and friends all over the globe!

Thank you Pol for your visit, for sharing your impressive experiences and views with us and for telling us so many funny stories about Australia!

After the visit students reflected on Pol's answers and wrote a report about it.

En Pol Bordàs, estudiant de Periodisme ens visita per parlar amb l'alumnat de 4t d'eso sobre la importància d'aprendre i saber Anglès avui en dia. Els estudiants van fer preguntes i en acabat van escriure les seves reflexions.
Moltes gràcies a l'Helena Garcia de Tereshkova per fer la foto!