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Imatge Núria Ramos
per Núria Ramos - Saturday, 18 February 2012, 18:16
Conversation lessons in English for 3rd ESO are now up and running.

We are ever so pleased to count on the help of Ms Jean Sudlow Nicholson.
Jean,who is from Great Britain and has travelled extensively,is the mother of one of our 4th ESO students,and has kindly volunteered to conversate with our 3rd ESO students on a regular basis,that is every week.
Jean and our students talk about topics related to school,our projects and the British language and culture to name a few. At present they are working on the English sounds.Well done everyone!

In the image above we can see Jean with some Darwin students in action.
Thanks so much Jean for your support!
Thank you Ari Reina from Darwin for taking this picture!

Els alumnes de 3r d'ESO: Darwin,Fuègia i Fitzroy reforcen l'oralitat de la llengua anglesa rebent classes de conversa en Anglès de la mà de la Jean Sudlow Nicholson, la mare d'un dels nostres alumnes de 4t d'ESO.
Moltes gràcies Jean!
I em consta que està anant molt bé així que molt bé a tots els nostres alumnes de 3r! Continueu treballant així de bé i més!